The Story

I’m Julz Swales of Sentiment Jewellery. I design and create individual pieces in my studio, situated in Auckland, New Zealand.

My Passion is Creating

My journey began over 10 years ago whilst completing a Degree in Visual Arts & Design. This is when I discovered my love for the art of handmade.
Having lived in New Zealand my entire life, my inspiration is drawn from the natural landscape and our cultural identity.
Crisp coastal shorelines, vibrant native forests and endless mountain ranges are prominent influences.

The Jewellery

Each piece is carefully handmade by myself, using repurposed timber, resin and with accents of sterling silver for that “little extra” delight. The combination of timeless sculptured wood and traditional silver-smithing techniques, makes each Sentiment piece stand out. Refined technique ensures that your Sentiment Jewellery will provide ongoing pleasure! How to care for your handmade jewellery >>